Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rainbow Party Streamers

Rainbow Power
(Party Decor/Fun)
Another great idea inspired by Pinterest! 
I bought solid colored plastic table covers and shower curtain rings at the dollar store. 

Before completely unfolding the table covers, I cut them into 2" strips using a rotary cutter and ruler.  They were knotted in rainbow order around the rings.  I tried gluing the first couple to keep them in place and then decided wasn't really necessary. 
Total price was $8 for 24 rainbow rings.

They were strung around to decorate for the party and the guests were each given a "rainbow" as a party favor.


Rainbow Party Photo Booth


The pinned up black and white background
and spray painted picture frame really set to set off bright rainbow colors.
Say "Cheese"!

The fabric is actually a tablecloth I found on clearance.
I bought the frame at Michaels in the custom framing "Oops" bin for a couple dollars.