Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainbow Art Party

Ella's  Rainbow Art Birthday Party was a success!  The kids moved freely from station to station participating in activities and creating art.  They got messy in the backyard with paint.  They hung their artwork in the gallery (see it here).  They took pictures in the photo booth (see it here).  After the seven-layer rainbow cake, they went home with rainbow power streamers (see them here) and goodie jars filled with crayons and other colorful party favors.

Goodie Jars

 Guess how many markers are in the jar Game

Fill a jar with water and a couple drops of dish soap then shake, shake, shake....

The guests each dressed in a color from the rainbow.


Working on melted crayon art.

Scratch Art and Rainbow Prism Stations

Making rainbows with flashlights and prisms.

Making marker cap necklaces.

Experimenting with dropping watercolors onto shaving cream clouds.

Marble Painting

Spraying coffee filters with liquid watercolors to make coffee filter butterflies.


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