Friday, July 6, 2012

The Dog in the Moon Art Project

This mixed media project included:
Eye dropper painting
Splatter painting
Shaving cream painting
Watercolor wash and salt texture

Each artist created a simple line drawing of a dog.
Using an eye dropper, they traced their pencil lines in black watercolor.
They dipped paintbrushes in the leftover paint to splatter spots on the dogs.

While the dogs dried outside, they worked on the background.

A page was covered in black watercolor wash
and sprinkled with sea salt while it was still wet. This page was also set outside to dry.

Another paper was used for the shaving cream painting.
Each artist sprayed a plate with shaving cream and smoothed it as best as possible.
They each choose 3-4 colors of paint and squirted them across the shaving cream.
Using toothpicks they swirled and mixed the paints together.

A blank paper was pressed down on top of the mixture.
After letting the mixture sit on the paper for a minute, each artist scrapped off the shaving cream and an unique paint pattern was left behind. A large circle (moon) was drawn and cut out of the shaving creamed paper and pasted to the black background page.

After the dogs were cut out, they were assembled and glued to the moon.

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