Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kid Art - learning about pencils and shading

Use shading feathers as a fun way for kids to learn about different pencils.

Draw the feather.
Have the kids draw the center line and outline of a feather. 
Divide the feather into sections with lines shaped like a "v".
Shade the feather.
Begin shading at the bottom of the feather with the softest pencil and work upward.
Start each new section with heavy pressure and gradually ease the pressure until reaching the next section.  Switch pencils at each new section transitioning from soft to hard.  (8B,6B,4B,2B,B,HB,2H,3H,4H)
Blend the feather. 
Blend one side of the feather with a tortillon.

Also try:
Shade half a feather with the softest pencil and the other half with the hardest pencil.
Shade a feather with any one pencil and blend one side with a tortillon.


  1. arif anjum

  2. Wauw! That's a brilliant idea. I Think I have to try with my students. Thanks for sharing.