Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Art Room

Nothing beats having a room in the house called "The Art Room".
There is no shortage of art supplies here.
My little artists have everything they could need at their fingertips.

For some reason I love clear jars. It's a bonus that displaying supplies this way eliminates the searching or trying to remember where things were stored. 

These handy caddies were meant to be herb planters.
I found them in the garden section at Kirklands and grew some crayons and stuff instead.

The walls are painted a very light gray (Sherwin Williams - Cold Morning).
One of my current obsessions is spray painting and repurposing items instead of buying anything new.
I found a few white spraying painting projects in this room....
the shelves, table, stools, pots, cubbies (pretty much everthing). I like the way the colorful art supplies look against the light walls and all that white. 

1 comment:

  1. OH, this is magnificent. We are preparing to convert our upstairs gameroom into an artroom. The space you have created is beautiful and inspiring. I love how your supplies are all visible, without being overly cluttered. I also love how those very narrow shelves offer tons of storage without taking up too much space. Love everything about this room!

    I was also interested in your comment about all the white. I considered bright green counter tops for an island in the middle of the room, but wondered if I would tire of a bright color in there, and also if it would "fight" against some of the work. Seeing the white in your space makes me rethink a really bold color.

    Anyway, originally found your blog looking for a birch tree craft to do with my daughter, but glad I stumbled upon your art room too. Great blog!