Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paper Bag Elephants

I wanted to do something with the scraps from our shaving cream project
and came up with this multi-media project, inspired by this post.

The kids looked at photos of elephants and discussed their features.
They drew a simple elephant onto a brown paper bag. 
The drawings were traced in black ink.
Using a wet paintbrush the black outlines were smeared to give the paper a grayish tint.
After drying and being cut-out, the elephants were gently crumbled.
They were flattened back out, but wrinkles were left resembling the wrinkles in an elephant's skin.

On another paper, African sunset landscapes were created, using oil and chalk pastels.
The colorful frame (saved from our shaving cream project) and paper bag elephant were pasted onto the African landscape to complete this project.

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