Saturday, October 1, 2011

Freezer Stencil ~ Ballerina Memo Board

I made this board for Ella's room.  She wanted a place to hang her ribbons and other small things.
 First, I painted an old frame black.  Next I used hot glue to adhere a piece of cork to the backing board.  I bought the cork roll at Michaels for a couple dollars.  Using my hot glue gun again,  I wrapped a piece of fabric around the board and glued it down on the back side. 
Right now, her dream is to be a ballerina.   So... I decided to add one by making a freezer stencil.
I love-love freezer stencils. 

Here's an easy tutorial:
~ Trace your image onto freezer paper (I bought the paper at Walmart). 
~ Cut it out with an exacto knife, avoid over cuts so the paint won't run.
~ Iron the stencil to the fabric.  Make sure the shiny side is down (touching the fabric).  Concentrate on the getting all the edges to stick down well.
~ Fill it in with a light layer of fabric paint. 
~Peel off stencil.

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