Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Purple Duvet Cover

I just finished Ella's new duvet cover.  For the back I used the black and white striped flat sheet that came in her sheet set.  (I only use a fitted sheet and comforter on the kids' beds.  If all they have to do is smooth out the duvet, they are more likely to make their beds.)  For the front I cut and pieced together some fabric snatched from my mom's well stocked collection.  Thanks Mom!   An old T-shirt was cut up and used to make the ties.  I hate when the comforter slips down and gets all bunched up inside the cover, so I sewed loops to the inside edge of the comforter.  The T-shirt ties run through the loops to hold the comforter in it's place.
I found the flowers at a clearance sale for 30 cents each.  I was originally going to make some fabric flowers.  However, I don't like to make things that I can buy for less.

Here's a look at Ella's past blankets.

Her first blanket was a crib quilt made by Grandma for her nursery.
When she was graduated to a twin size bed, I made her this duvet cover with the help of Mei Ling (my talented sister-in-law).  The light pink side was actually a cotton shower curtain I found on clearance for under a dollar.  It worked perfect since the shower ring slots functioned as button holes.  The darker fabric with stars was leftover from her nursery curtains.  We made fabric covered buttons to hold it together.

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  1. This duvet cover looks absolutely beautiful! I know what the purple fabric looks and feels like, so I know it's beautiful. Good idea to use a sheet for one side. I'm glad this gorgeous fabric was turned into something pretty for that awesome little girl by her awesome Mom!