Friday, September 9, 2011

Giant Chalkboard

I was a little concerned that the novelty of a giant chalkboard wall may wear off quickly and the kids would lose interest.  So far that is not the case.  The chalkboard is a hit and has made Ella's unfinished room the house hang-out spot.  The only downfall is that I am constantly cleaning up chalk dust.  I need to order those chalkboard markers I heard about. 

I had considered doing the chalkboard in charcoal gray.  You can make your own chalkboard paint in any color by mixing 1 cup latex paint and 2 tbs. grout.  However, I since I've always wanted to paint a wall in my house black, this was the perfect opportunity.  No regrets.  I love how it looks when it's clean solid black.  I especially love how it looks with chalk dust and colorful doodles.
UPDATE:  I found Dustless Chalk at Staples.  I'm happy to say that it really is dustless.  The best part is it was less than a dollar for a whole box!  I'm going to skip the markers for now.

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