Thursday, September 22, 2011

Melted Crayons on Canvas


I was a little (okay, a lot) worried when Jess brought this palm tree freebie home.  I definitely wasn't hanging it on my walls.  So I was relieved when he said he thought I could "do something with it".  I knew exactly what.  Ever since I saw the colorful wax dripping in photos all over Pinterest, I've been wanting to do my own version of melted crayons on canvas.  I used gray paint to cover over the tree picture.  Next, I peeled the paper off a bunch of crayons that retired because their points were no longer points.  I don't know why I saved them I just did.  With some help from the kids I ran the crayons through my hot glue gun. I love staring at the finished piece, it makes me happy.

Inspiration from
She used a hairdryer to melt glued on crayons down the canvas.

I couldn't resist trying a heart shaped one.  I used glue as a guide to keep the melted wax inside.

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