Saturday, September 3, 2011

Painted Crowns for Ella's Room

I just painted Ella's walls two shades of gray.  I love the gray, but with nothing else in there yet it looks a little sad.  I'm thinking something silver and sparkly is needed.  What 6 year-old princess doesn't love crowns?  First I sprayed them with a hammered silver metallic paint.  Then I added a little purple paint and glitter.  Voila!


These beauties are now awaiting a space in Ella's redecorated room.
This room is turning out to be a challenge.  It's a small space and it has to function as her playroom and her bedroom.  Also, I'm trying to redecorate it on a $200 budget.  I'll have to upcycle, recycle, do whatever I can; but I want her to have a room she loves. 

Money Tally so far:
$13 --chalkboard paint
$40 --gray paint for walls
$ 9  --fabric for curtains (9 yards)
$20 --spray paint
$20 --decorative hanging crowns

That leaves $98 and she doesn't have a bed yet. 

The chalkboard has already been getting good use.  I found the fabric for the curtains on the clearance shelf for just $1/yard!  I sewed two sets, one set shown here and a matching set for the window.  I hung them from ceiling to floor.  I think it makes the 9' ceiling seem even higher and it looks dramatic.  I'm thinking about putting up molding to frame the chalkboard...

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